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It's Bloomin' Progressive - Bloom's Taxonomy in Online Finance Exercises

Susan White (University of Maryland, US)
Session Information
April 23, 2012 - 5:30pm
Teaching and Learning
Areas of Special Interest: 
Blended Course
Major Emphasis of Presentation: 
Practical Application
Institutional Level: 
Universities and Four Year Institutions
Audience Level: 
Session Type: 
Poster Session
Executive A-D
Session Duration: 
60 Minutes

How can online financial lab exercises align with Bloom's Taxonomy, from acquisition of knowledge to moving toward the development of higher level critical thinking goals?

Extended Abstract

Bloom's Taxonomy of learning, developed by Benjamin Bloom, is often used by educators to develop and measure goals for the learning process. Bloom's cognitive domain; knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation is based on a hierarchy of learning which moves from simple to complex and concrete to abstract. Students in finance courses learn basic theory, but also must understand how to apply and use that theory. A series of projects was developed for the online portion of a blended learning course, starting with acquisition of knowledge goals and moving toward the development of higher level critical thinking goals. The project instructions were delivered through Camtasia videos, along with supporting word an excel documents. In addition, the project changed from a single, large group project to a series of individual projects, with each student following a different company over the semester. The project material was also an integral part of face to face instruction, to demonstrate the links between what students learned through their textbook and readings, what they learned in class and the projects that they completed outside of their face to face classes. Surveys found that students liked the individual projects and the mode of delivery of the project. The poster session will detail the projects, their delivery and student responses to the format.