2012 MERLOT Classics Award - Stat2Labs

Shonda Kuiper (Grinnell College, US)
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July 25, 2012 - 1:30pm
Faculty and Student Development
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Effective Practice
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Casanova 606
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50 Minutes
Virtual Session
MERLOT Session
MERLOT Classics Award Winner

This is the 2012 MERLOT Statistics Classics Award winner

Extended Abstract

The MERLOT Statistics Editorial Board selected this learning material as the 2012 Classic. The Stat2Labs site contains a wealth of great activity ideas for the introductory and intermediate statistics instructors. The site includes interactive games and descriptions of lab assignments that can turn a more traditional statistics classroom into an exciting and motivating learning environment where students work through interesting, real-world problems. Dr. Kuiper's work has been showcased in a variety of venues and conferences (including a webinar delivered on CAUSEweb), and recently, she has co-authored a textbook based on this work called "Practicing Statistics" that will soon be widely available. Dr. Kuiper's creative and engaging games and labs exemplify reform efforts in Statistics Education, and she is highly deserving of a MERLOT Classics Award.

Lead Presenter

Shonda Kuiper is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Grinnell College. She teaches a variety of statistics courses, with an emphasis on the application of statistics in multiple disciplines. Shonda also serves as a statistical consultant for student and faculty research. In addition to previously holding teaching positions, Shonda served as a senior engineer and later as a consulting statistician for Hallmark Cards, Inc. She is also the recipient of two National Science Foundation grants to develop materials for undergraduate statistics courses.