ET4Online Unconference FAQs

Unconference FAQs


What is an Unconference?

“Unconference” can mean a number of different things. Basically, though, it implies that what happens during the event is driven by the people at the event. There will be a general agenda for the workshop, and a topic (teaching with emerging technologies), but all the input, what happens during the sessions, and the output of the workshop, is up to participants. The manifesto that we produce on the day will come directly from the contributions, ideas and debates of those who attend.

Why was this topic chosen?

The topic of ‘teaching’ might sit uneasily for some people with some popular ways of thinking about what education means in an online, emerging tech context. We’re in a moment where the learner is seen as the central, and maybe the only, figure. But this raises some questions: are we assuming there is no such thing as a teacher any more (or that there shouldn’t be)? That the teacher’s role has been subsumed into the network? That we are ‘all learners’ together, and the most anyone can be is a ‘facilitator’? That people can teach themselves? That technology can teach us? That formal education can be obsolete? If we shouldn’t talk about teaching, then should we also not talk about expertise, assessment, power, institutions, course design, pedagogy? This workshop is a chance to debate these issues, and talk about what space is left, or needed, for discussions of teaching and the role of the teacher.

How will virtual participants take part?

There are two ways to participate in the workshop - face-to-face, or online as a virtual participant. The shared space for all participants will be in Google +, and it’s here that we will share our developing ideas and discussion points (using Google docs) as the afternoon progresses. Virtual participants will also take part in Google + hangouts and be able to watch and comment on the introductory and closing sessions.
what do I need to do to get ready?

Who is facilitating the unconference?

Learn more about your facilitator Jen Ross in the hangout video below and in the conference program.

When will the unconference take place?

Friday, July 27, 2012 at 12:30-3:30 pm PT

Where does it take place online?

Follow the #et4online unconference on Google+

To get the most from the workshop, it will help to be familiar with Google + and Google Docs before the unconference. These online resources will help you get started:

How do I get started with Google+?

How to set up a profile: Google+: Setting Up Your Profile.

What makes Google+ special?

Learn all the details about using Google+:   

In what unique ways will the et4ol unconference be utilizing Google+?

  • To share the latest et4ol updates and collaborate with members of the educational community
  • To host sneak-peak Hangouts on Air leading up to the conference
  • As a backchannel during the et4ol conference
  • As a means for virtual attendees to participate during the unconference through Hangouts on Air


How do I participate in the unconference as a virtual attendee?

  •     Indicate that you would like to participate in the virtual unconference on your registration form.
  •     Circle +et4ol unconference on Google+.
  •     Ensure that +et4ol unconference circles you back.
You will be invited to participate in the live Hangout on Air unconference session.  If you do not wish to be on a Hangout on Air, you can still watch live on Google+ and interact with comments.



Will there be opportunities to learn more about Google+ at the conference?

Yes!  Look for the Google+ lounge at the et4ol conference.  Google+ gurus will be there to answer all your questions and share Google+ tips and tricks.

Where else can I connect with #et4online?

Virtual attendees are encouraged to join the conference backchannel in social media.

Share your affiliation with the symposium using our social networking badges