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Success! Case Studies in an Online, Asynchronous World

Brigham Taylor (Brigham Young University - Idaho, USA)
Session Information
November 21, 2013 - 9:40am
Learning Effectiveness
Areas of Special Interest: 
Institutional Initiatives
Major Emphasis of Presentation: 
Practical Application
Institutional Level: 
Universities and Four Year Institutions
Audience Level: 
Session Type: 
Information Session
Asia 1
Session Duration: 
35 Minutes
Information Session 6
Virtual Session

Using innovative technology and 7 design concepts to successfully teach case studies online and asynchronously. Hostile business faculty embraced it and students responded.

Extended Abstract

A little over a year ago, a radical idea was implemented in an attempt to effectively design and teach classes that rely on the case study method for an asynchronous, online delivery. We now have four semester's worth of experience and data based on trial, error, student feedback, and faculty feedback. In this practical presentation, we will discuss:

  • How we used innovative technology made by YouSeeU to capture spontaneous responses and facilitate peer interaction
  • The seven critical design concepts that were used to successfully achieve the learning goals
  • The student process for completing the case study assignments
  • The instructor's responsibilities and the process for their timely involvement and feedback
  • Comparisons between using YouSeeU video interaction and text heavy discussion boards
  • Feedback from students and faculty

We will focus specifically on how a business department was charged with putting a bachelor of Business Management degree fully online where the face-to-face case method was critical to the degree. How do you teach the case method online without losing the face-to-face effectiveness of discussions, decisions, and instant feedback? How do you meet the same outcomes? How do you ensure authentic assessment?

Seven critical design concepts were used to successfully achieve the learning goals: preparation, decision-making, immediate response, asynchronous video discussion, feedback, timely instructor engagement, and peer evaluation. These design methods in combination with the needed tools - Harvard Business School cases, YouSeeU technology, Qualtrics polls, and an LMS - brought the solution to life. The final product is summed up by one professor's exclamation, "This will be more effective than my face-to-face class!"

Students likewise experienced great learning gains. Here is a sampling of what they said:

"YouSeeU has definitely made the case studies more meaningful and effective. It is so much better to have the impromptu questions, because it forced me to be more prepared and to understand the material. Also, I really enjoyed my classmates' comments and their insights. I think YouSeeU should be in place inAll my classes."

"I really enjoy the YouSeeU. It is a great tool to help learn from each other. I would much rather use YouSeeU than the discussion board. I feel that it is a lot more effective. I felt I have learned more from my classmates this way.

"KEEP YOUSEEU! It is way better than discussion boards!"

"I like YouSeeU a lot. I think that it is more effective for me. You get the interaction with others as much as possible, which I think is critical with the online learning. Out ofAll the classes that I have taken online, this is far more effective. With the YouSeeU concept you have to carefully study out the case you're not sure what you will be asked. I also believe that you get emotions in a video as opposed to blogging. Don't change the YouSeeU. I like it."

"This is by far the most exciting and fun online class that I have taken thus far in school."

"It's way more effective than any discussion board. Everybody just [bluffs] their way through discussion boards and copy what other people say. Plus, it's a lot of wasted time. On here you have to actually study your material to vocalize it on the spot AND you have to actually listen to what others say to respond. The amount you learn is way more substantial and sticks in your mind better. I think every class should do something similar."

Lead Presenter

Brigham Taylor currently serves as a Curriculum Development Manager for online courses at Brigham Young University -€“ Idaho. He also is an Online Faculty member. Prior to coming to BYU-Idaho, Brigham spent 13 years in corporate education in a variety of capacities. He served most recently as the Director of Training and Development at Adenium Systems Software and as a training consultant for McGraw-Hill. He has also been a trainer, training manager, and instructional designer, primarily in the software and IT industry. Proudly born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, he currently lives in Idaho with his wife Kelly and four children.


Presenter: James Croasmun