Virtual Conference FAQs

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General Virtual Attendance/Streaming Questions

Q: When will we receive login instructions?
A: About 2 weeks prior to the conference login instructions will be sent to any confirmed virtual participant, both individual participants and those registered by the institutional package administrator.

**If you have registered within two weeks of the conference, new registrants will receive their instructions within 24-48 hours after registering. This includes new seats added to a virtual institutional package.

Q: How can I be sure that my computer will be compatible to watch the streamed sessions?
A: There is a YouTube video for Virtual Conference Training that you can watch that explains much of the technical details. A transcript of the virtual conference training can be downloaded at

We use Sonic Foundry’s MediaSite player which requires Silverlight. The player can be tested at Test this before the event. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Download a free version of Microsoft Silverlight:

Q: How can I see what sessions are streaming live from the conference?
A: From the conference website, select the tab “PROGRAM”, then select “Streamed Sessions”.

Q: How can I access the live streams of the sessions?
A: From the Streamed Session listing, you simply click on the title of the session you'd like to attend to go to that session's page. From the session page, you will see a link under the session title that reads "Watch this Session". You need to click on this tab to open up a pop-up window that will contain the video player as well as a chat room that you can connect to and ask questions of the presenter, chat with other attendees, etc. The Virtual Conference Training video contains a series of screenshots demonstrating this process.

If you do not see the “Watch this Session” link, make sure that you are looking at a streamed session and that you are logged in to the site. If you are logged in and still do not see this link on a streamed session’s page, then your access has not been properly set-up. Please go back to your virtual access instruction email and follow the instructions to set-up your access.

Q: The conference starts in 10 minutes - I am logged in but there is nothing on my screen.
A: Streamed sessions don’t begin streaming until the time the session begins - not before the start time. Stay logged in; it will begin streaming on schedule.

Q: What if a session has already started but the stream isn’t working?
A: If something we are experiencing technical difficulty with the stream, please know that it is still being recorded. If the stream isn’t back after a couple minutes, we recommend switching to watch a different session and watching the recording of the interrupted session at another time. Recordings will be available within 24 hours of sessions ending and you will have access to them for one year.

Q: What time zone are the streamed sessions shown?
A: The 20th Annual OLC International Conference is in Orlando, Florida - the sessions streamed live will follow the Eastern Time Zone.

Q: If I want to watch 2 sessions that are streaming simultaneously, can I go back later and view one of them?
A: Yes, all of the recorded sessions will be available for viewing 24 hours after the live, streamed presentation. They will be available for up to one year post-conference.


Member Discount Questions

Q: My institution is a OLC member but I didn’t receive the Discount Code.
A: When you are logged in to the OLC website as a member the Discount Codes that are available to you will appear in the left-hand column of the Registration page for this conference . Be sure to copy that code down so that you can insert the discount code at checkout. You have to apply this code at checkout to receive the discount.

Q: I already registered but did not use the Member Discount Code.
A: Please contact We will apply the code on your behalf.

Q: My institution is a member, but the codes are not displayed when I am on your Conference website.
A: Please visit the OLC website, Membership, and check to be sure your Institution is a Member by selecting the Search Icon: “CHECK HERE IF YOUR INSTITUTION IS A MEMBER”. Once that is verified, please be sure you are affiliated with your institution. There are instructions in the left-hand column “How do I create an account affiliated with my institution?” and “I already have a user account. How do I make sure I am affiliated with my institution?”

Virtual Institutional Package

Q: How many people can have access to our Virtual Institutional Package?
A: With an Institutional Package you can choose one of two options: you may select to have 30 separate login authorizations (which means 30 different email users may access the streamed sessions from their own computer) - or you may select a 100-seat option where you gather up to 100 people and watch streamed sessions together. With both options you can watch streamed sessions live as well as post-conference, on demand. So 100 seats = 100 individuals sitting in a room watching a session(s), or 30 screens = 30 individuals sitting in front of 30 different computers.

With the 30-seat option, one person from your organization will need to be the administrator and enter all of the names and emails (up to 30 in groups of 1-15 and 16-30) for who will be allowed access within your organization. You do not have to enter the participants’ names and emails all at once. You may modify your registration up until the day of the conference.

You can see more details on our website under the Virtual Attendance tab.

Q: How do I register for an Virtual Institutional Package?
A: Click on Register Now!

Scroll to the bottom and click on Register

The administrator for your group will be the main contact - please use this person’s name on this first registration page where it requires *First Name, *Last Name, *Email Address, and *Registration Type The Registration Type is a dropdown menu. Please select "Institutional Package Virtual"

Proceed through the registration process. You should ignore the area where it allows you to “invite” others. You also don’t need to “Add another Person” to your registration. At the Optional Items screen select "Virtual Institutional Attendees (1-15)”. and “Virtual Attendees (16-30)". Next. This is where you will enter your 30 names and emails. If you are choosing the 100 seat option for your package you may hit Next without selecting one of those “seats” options.

Q: I have registered for the Virtual Institutional Package but the Options of Seats 1-15 and Seats 16-30 aren’t visible to me.
A: Please be sure that you have registered as the Primary Registrant. If you are listed as a “Guest” you will not have those 2 optional items available to you. If you are a Guest, please contact for assistance.

If you are already the Primary Registrant, Modify your registration and on the Optional Items screen be sure to select “Virtual Institutional Attendees (1-15) and Virtual Attendees (16-30)”

Q: I am already registered for the Virtual Institutional Package, I need to add (or substitute) names for our 30 seats. How do I access my account?
A: Please go back into the website REGISTRATION and click Register Now!

Scroll to the bottom of that page and click Already Registered? You should enter your email address and Confirmation Number where indicated. Click OK.

MODIFY your registration (upper left corner)

Next to your name in the right column click Registration

You will now see the Optional Items (Virtual Institutional Attendees 1-15 and 16-30). Read the information on this page carefully. If you have previously selected these two items, the checkboxes will be labeled “unregister” DO NOT check those boxes as they will Unregister you for those options. If you have not previously selected those seat options, select both of them now.

You will now be at the screen where you add your attendee names and emails.

Q: I have registered for the Institutional Virtual Attendee Package, but we haven’t received any instructions.
A: Please be sure your account is Paid in Full. Instructions are only distributed after payment is received. To check your account, please log in to the OLC Conference website, REGISTRATION tab and select Register NOW! Scroll to the bottom, select Already Registered? Enter your Email Address and Confirmation Number. Select OK.

Q: Is there a way to bulk upload my Institutional Virtual Attendee Package 30 participants’ names and emails?
A: No, each name has to be entered separately, one at a time.