Reaching the Connected Learner through Disruptive Innovation

Robert Blaine (Jackson State University, USA)
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October 29, 2014 - 11:45am
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HBCU Keynote Address
Southern Hemisphere IV
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55 Minutes
Wednesday Keynote Address

Jackson State University's (JSU) CyberLearning initiative harnesses the raw materials, life experiences and new knowledge that students learn to integrate as they engage faculty and their peers in science, literature, the arts, social sciences, technology and the pre-professions. Cyber learning puts JSU in touch with the world and gives ladders of opportunity for students to build careers, lives and meaning.

We began by asking what is the value of a JSU education? What does the curriculum need to do to enhance value? How do we intentionally capitalize on the gifts of our faculty to build ladders of opportunity, meaningful careers, lives that make a difference, and prepare our students to live and learn as conscious citizens - aware of the privilege of being educated, aware of history, aware of their talents, and aware of their obligations to themselves and others?

Through our curriculum transformations, inverted classrooms, continuous and meaningful faculty development, and new student orientations, we are poised to ensure that students both create opportunity for themselves and others and manage their obligations as aware, facile, well-read and highly collaborative global citizens.

Lead Presenter
Robert Blaine

Robert Blaine (Jackson State University, USA)

Robert Blaine, conductor, soloist and scholar balances diverse artistic and academic worlds with agility and aplomb. Serving as Jackson State University’s Special Assistant to the Provost for CyberLearning, Director of GEAR (Global Education through Analytical Reasoning), Professor of Music and Director of Orchestral Studies at Jackson State University, Robert Blaine is highly active through his multifaceted career.

Congruent with his dissertation project, “Gaming to Teach; Using a Virtual Reality Structured Intranet to Teach Solo Trombone Works by Rabe, Persichetti and Xenakis”, Dr. Blaine has long been interested in the intersection between art, teaching and technology. His role as conductor of Jackson State University’s CyberLearning initiative provides leadership for the development of a 21st century learning environment for students and faculty.

Dr. Blaine’s most recent leadership initiatives have resulted in the development of INNOVATE, a center for the development and dissemination of digital content; CREATE, a center for project-based learning; the Digital Core, an interdisciplinary general education core delivered as multi-touch digital textbooks; and the recent designation of Jackson State University as one of only four institutions honored as Apple Distinguished Schools in the nation. Dr. Robert Blaine is an Apple Distinguished Educator and an endorsing artist of the C. G. Conn Company. Dr. Blaine performs on Conn instruments exclusively.