The Pendulum Lab

Franz-Josef Elmer (University of Basel, US)
Session Information
July 12, 2011 - 11:30am
Session Type: 
MERLOT Award Winner
Virtual Session
Session Chair: 
Jeffrey Bell

The Pendulum Lab is a collection of virtual experiments based on simulations of driven pendula. The user can vary operating parameters and perform measurements with virtual instruments. Suggestions for experiments lead to the underlying theory in the associated lecture room. Here the mathematics of oscillations and non-linear dynamics are discussed.

Extended Abstract

2011 MERLOT Award Winner - Physics

Lead Presenter
Franz-Josef Elmer Franz-Josef Elmer studied physics at the TU Darmstadt, Germany. After obtaining his PhD, he attended University of Basel, Switzerland, where he did research and teaching in Theoretical Physics (mainly Non-Linear Dynamics and Condensed Matter Physics) for more than ten years. He has worked for thirteen years since then as a Software Engineer, and teaches Software Engineering at the University of Basel.