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John Sener
The Sloan Consortium
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Kentucky Virtual University
Effective Practice Abstract/Summary
Abstract/Summary of Effective Practice: 

Kentucky Virtual University (KYVU) enables students from participating institutions to register for KYVU courses using a common online registration form.

Description of the Effective Practice
Description of the Effective Practice: 

How this practice supports access: When a student fills out a Kentucky Virtual University online registration form, KYVU submits the registration form to the institution offering the course. If a student is registering for courses for multiple institutions, KYVU submits the registration form to each institution. Student applicants are then placed in a "pending" mode until an institution has processed the registration and the student has been accepted into the course. Depending on the institution, this process may take several weeks. Students may check their course enrollment status at any time by contacting the KYVU Call Center.

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Evidence of Effectiveness: 

None obtained at this time.

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Gene Ranvier, Chief Student Services Officer, KYVU, 1024 Capital Center Dr., Suite 320, Frankfort, KY 40601-8204
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