Guiding Principles for Faculty in Distance Learning

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Melody Thompson
Penn State University
Institution(s) or Organization(s) Where EP Occurred: 
Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education
Effective Practice Abstract/Summary
Abstract/Summary of Effective Practice: 

Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education creates guidelines that institutions can use to help faculty members teach courses online.

Supporting Information for this Effective Practice
Evidence of Effectiveness: 

There are tentative plans to evaluate the extent to which the site is being used in Spring 2003.

How does this practice relate to pillars?: 

faculty satisfaction: Many institutions and faculty members are new to online programming and are uncertain about what constitutes good practice in this environment. These principles define good practice and offer clear benchmarks for both instructional performance and institutional support. Clear expectations and norms of practice are important components of online faculty satisfaction.

Estimate the probable costs associated with this practice: 

Once such guiding principles are developed and published, other institutions don't need to developed these guiding principles again. There is no cost to institutions who wish to adapt or adopt these guidelines for practice.

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Susan Scott, Director of Resource Development and Management
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