Including Technology Scholarship in the Faculty Reward Structure

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Erwin Boschmann
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis rewards faculty for scholarship in the use of technology for teaching and learning.

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At IUPUI, top administrators occasionally teaches classes with high end technology. Promotion and tenure decisions are made on scholarship. About half of these decisions are for teaching and service. While some are these awards are in the area of technology.

How does this practice relate to pillars?: 

faculty satisfaction: Faculty members are motivated by intellectual challenges and meaningful incentives. Since technology is a relatively new teaching and learning tool, it can take an inordinate amount of time. Time itself should not be rewarded, unless time pursues scholarship. By rewarding the faculty with promotion, tenure, sabbaticals, salary increases, and release time for their efforts to increase their knowledge of technology, then their improved satisfaction is almost certainly guaranteed.

Estimate the probable costs associated with this practice: 

Technology is expensive, especially when the institution is committed to replace computers every two years. Our Center for Teaching and Learning has many staff members. Half of the staff devotes to technology support and other half devotes to pedagogical support.

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"Moving Toward a More Inclusive Reward Structure", by Erwin Boschmann, The Technology Source, October, 1998. (see link below)

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Erwin Boschmann
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