Social Presence Begins with Introductions

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Janet Moore
The Sloan Consortium
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Florida State University
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At Florida State University, perceptions of learning effectiveness correlate with perceptions of social presence, thus providing social presence through opening introductions is helpful.

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learning effectiveness: The Florida State University program in the School of Information Studies wants to enable online students to collaborate. Thus, at the very start of an online course, students complete a personal profile complete with photo that is accessible to the members of the course. The complete directions and examples below help students formulate their profiles: Personal Profile Collaborating with other students in your class and program is essential. Your personal profile will be useful to others when you are working in groups or on project teams, since it will help them know you in terms of your interests, plans, expertise, and experience. This profile will follow you through your program and will be available to all your registered IS classes. You are encouraged to keep your profile up to date. Please describe yourself in a way that will be helpful to your fellow classmates and to your professors and their teaching assistants. Consider beginning your profile with some basic demographic information that you feel comfortable sharing, such as where you live, age, gender, ethnicity, family, etc. Then include anything else that you feel would be important or interesting for others to know. Please use the following questions as a guide for the balance of your profile. 1. What brought you to the program at FSU? 2. What type of work have you been doing? 3. What kind of work do you want to do when you graduate? 4. What are your long-term career goals or dreams? 5. What subjects do you enjoy studying? 6. What kind of computer tools can you use? 7. Do you love using computers or tolerate them? Student Name: Student Email Address: PROFILE: Paste your profile into the form box below: IMAGE: [OPTIONAL] Upload your image file by BROWSING your local computer for your file and selecting your image. Please indicate which type of image this is:

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Melanie Welch
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