Using Technology to Improve Student Learning and Achieve Cost Savings

Author Information
Robert White
Institution(s) or Organization(s) Where EP Occurred: 
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Effective Practice Abstract/Summary
Abstract/Summary of Effective Practice: 

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis redesigned an Introduction to Sociology course by offering an innovative approach to collaborative learning that reduced costs to the institution and students.

Description of the Effective Practice
Description of the Effective Practice: 

The redesign of the Introduction to Sociology course is intended to reduce costs for the university and the students. The redesigned course allows the institution to increase the number of large course sections and decrease the number of small sections previously offered. Multiple course sections have been redesigned so that all sections involve more technology, and the Introductory Sociology sections are linked to Elementary Composition I sections.

Supporting Information for this Effective Practice
Evidence of Effectiveness: 

It is estimated that the overall cost savings will show a 20% decrease in cost-per-student. That reduction would amount to nearly $26,000 annually. In addition, IUPUI expects additional savings from an anticipated decrease in the drop-fail-withdrawal rate previously experienced with this course. This will free up more seats for new students.