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Janet Moore
The Sloan Consortium
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University of Maryland University College
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University of Maryland University College's Center for Intellectual Property shares resources to support and enforce academic integrity.

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In development is a faculty pilot project which will accept proposals from faculty for doing a research project in their courses. The research project includes reviewing the VAIL site, providing us with feedback on how to make it more useful, using the materials on the site in some manner in his/her class, evaluating the usefulness of the materials used, and evaluating whether the use of the VAIL materials contributed to improved learning.

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learning effectiveness: University of Marylyand University College's (UMUC) Center for Intellectual Property shares resources to support and enforce academic integrity in the 21st Century. UMUC's Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory (VAIL) consists of several projects that provide the higher education community with comprehensive resources and tools that promote academic integrity at colleges and universities. These tools and resources include the assessment of plagiarism detection tools, instruction on preventing and detecting plagiarism, and documentation on the best policies and practices that promote academic integrity. VAIL is part of the Center for Intellectual Property's program to encourage and facilitate academic integrity. VAIL is an online laboratory that facilitates learning, research, discussion, and innovation regarding academic integrity issues that face the 21st century classroom. Faculty, administrators, and students are encouraged to use VAIL resources and share their experiences and ideas with one another. VAIL seeks to bridge the gap between the concept of academic integrity and its application and enforcement in the digital age.

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Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the resources are free to users.

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Dr. Kim Kelley
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