A Complete Listing of All of the OLC Fellows

Recognition as an OLC Fellow is one of unusual professional distinction and is conferred by the OLC Board of Directors upon members of the Online Learning Consortium who have:

  • outstanding and extraordinary qualifications in the field of online learning;
  • significant experience in online learning or an allied field;
  • a record of distinguished service to the OLC or the field; and
  • extraordinary contributions or leadership in the field of online learning.

The number of individuals who can become OLC Fellows in any one year shall be limited to a total not greater than one percent of the OLC individual membership.

The following 38 individuals have been recognized as OLC Fellows:

Meg Benke (2010):  “For innovative and inspirational work in the creation, design, and evaluation of online student services and for sustained advocacy for online learning on a national scale.”

John R. Bourne (2010):  “For exceptional service as the founding Executive Director of the Sloan Consortium and the founding Editor of the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks.”

Thomas B. Cavanagh (2014):  “For exceptional contributions to the online learning community in the areas of scholarship, assessment, and administration.”

Bruce N. Chaloux (2010):  “For his leadership of Sloan-C as it transitioned to a self-sustaining professional society and for his contributions to national projects that demonstrated the power of online learning.”

Catheryn L. Cheal (2014):  “For visionary and courageous leadership in spearheading bold educational reform involving high-quality online programs that champion student needs.”

Marie A. Cini (2014):  “For visionary contributions that have significantly advanced the field of online learning and enabled thousands of people to transform their lives and careers.”

Charles D. Dziuban (2010):  “For developing new and more effective data analysis models that provide information about technology’s impact on the online, blended and Web 2.0 learning environments.”

Eric E. Fredericksen (2013):  For exceptional national leadership in the development and advancement of online learning and for distinguished service to the Sloan Consortium.

D. Randy Garrison (2010):  “For advocacy of collaborative and engaged learning and for advancing our understanding of online and blended learning.

Christine Marie Geith (2013):  For outstanding leadership in promoting a wide array of technologies and policies needed to advance global online education.

Ralph E. Gomory (2010):  “For remarkable vision and leadership in recognizing the importance of online education and for making online education a recognized part of American higher education through targeted philanthropy on a national scale.”

Gerard L. Hanley (2014):  “For exceptional leadership and advancement of online learning through the development of the MERLOT repository for the international education community.”

Joel L. Hartman (2012):  “For exceptional leadership in online and blended learning on a national and international scale.”

Starr Roxanne Hiltz (2010):  “For conceiving the idea of Virtual Classrooms and for scholarship related to the design, implementation, and verification of effective online education over multiple decades.”

Phil Ice (2012):  “For distinguished service to Sloan-C and for outstanding research that has advanced the field of online learning.”

Tanya M. Joosten (2013):  For exceptionally creative work in advancing blended and online learning in the K-12 and higher education environments.

A. Frank Mayadas (2010):  “For outstanding vision and sustained leadership in transforming higher education through support of exemplary approaches to online education, and for creating the Sloan Consortium.”

Gary E. Miller (2010):  “In recognition of a forty-year career devoted to using online learning and electronic media to increase access to education at all levels nationally and internationally.”

Jacqueline F. Moloney (2010):  “For her role as a national leader in championing the application of the Sloan-C pillars in building online programs that provide quality access for students and while advancing strategic institutional goals.”

Patsy D. Moskal (2011):  “In recognition of her groundbreaking work in the assessment of the impact and efficacy of online and blended learning.”

Mary P. Niemiec (2011):  “For remarkable vision and national leadership in conceptualizing and advancing blended learning.”

Burks Oakley II (2010):  “For innovative and inspirational work in the conceptualization, implementation, and advocacy of online learning in higher education on a national scale.”

George Otte (2013):  For energetic, exemplary promotion of online and blended education across the many campuses of the country’s largest public, urban university system.

Bill Pelz (2013):  For distinguished service to faculty development that is deeply rooted in his extraordinary enthusiasm for and belief in online teaching and learning.

Anthony G. Picciano (2010):  “For outstanding publications that have advanced the field of online learning and for his tireless contributions to the conference activities of Sloan-C.”

Alexandra M. Pickett (2012):  “For innovation and vision in conceptualizing and implementing high-quality faculty development programs and course design and delivery processes.”

Janet K. Poley (2010):  “In recognition of a distinguished career devoted to expanding distance education and to improving technology access, and for exceptional service to Sloan-C.”

Lawrence C. Ragan (2011):  “For national leadership in preparing faculty for online teaching success and for creating innovative approaches to the design of online learning environments.”

David A. Sachs (2014):  “For pioneering leadership in establishing a coalition to provide outstanding industry-driven online education to students across the globe.”

Raymond E. Schroeder (2010):  “For increasing access to higher education by cultivating a breadth of online degree programs and for chronicling the progress of the theory and practice of online education through new media.”

John Sener (2013):  For pioneering development of online degree programs and for his contributions as an innovative thought leader in the field of online education.

Peter J. Shea (2011):  “For outstanding research that has advanced our understanding of online learning and for noteworthy contributions to the field of online education.”

Wayne D. Smutz (2014):  “In recognition of a career-long commitment to opening doorways of opportunity and avenues to success for non-traditional students through innovations in online learning.”

Karen P. Swan (2010):  “For rigorous research that has advanced our understanding of learning effectiveness in online and blended education.”

Calvin H. Sydnor, III (2010):  “For sustained advocacy of online learning and its implementation within the HBCU community and for exemplary service to Sloan-C.”

Murray Turoff (2014):  “For his pioneering and visionary research in computer-mediated communications, learning management systems, and the effectiveness of online learning.”

Robert N. Ubell (2011):  “For exceptional leadership in scientific and technical online learning programming, international collaboration, and enterprise learning.”

Karen K. Vignare (2012):  “For exemplary service to Sloan-C and for visionary leadership in the administration of online learning programs having a global scale.”