Elements of Quality Online Education: Engaging Communities, Wisdom from the Sloan Consortium -PDF

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The nineteen papers in this volume portray organizations that are negotiating the simultaneous demands of tradition, the status quo, and the transformation of higher education. These wisdom papers include views on the ways assessment guides improvement; on the potential of blended environments; and on transformations that will give new meaning to the Sloan-C quality pillars of learning effectiveness, cost effectiveness, access, and faculty and student satisfaction.

Table of Contents

Janet C. Moore

I. Assessment

  • Transformative Assessment of Online Education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Jacqueline Moloney and Steven Tello
  • Evaluation of Online Programs: Developing Approaches in the Penn State World Campus
    Melody Thompson and Pete Rubba
  • Embedded Assessment in Pace University’s NACTEL Program: Better, More Timely Information
    David Sachs
  • Teaching Presence and Establishment of Community in Online Learning Environments
    Peter Shea, Karen Swan and Alexandra Pickett
  • Reciprocity Analysis of Online Learning Networks
    Reuven Aviv, Zippy Erlich and Gilad Ravid
  • Collaborative Assessment in Asynchronous Learning Networks: Research in Progress
    Jia Shen, Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Michael Bieber
  • Factors in Cost Effectiveness of Online Learning
    J. Olin Campbell

II. Blended Environments

  • 2004 Sloan-C Workshop on Blended Learning in Higher Education
    Chuck Dziuban, Joel Hartman, Mary P. Niemiec, Burks Oakley II, George Otte, Anthony G. Picciano, and Ray Schroeder
  • RIT Introduces Blended Learning Successful
    Joeann Humbert and Karen Vignare
  • Blended Learning: Driving Forward Without a Definition
    Stephen Laster

III. Transformations

  • The Virtual Breakthrough Series Collaborative at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
    Penny Carver and Barbara S. Boushon
  • Opportunity Knocks, Emails and Phones
    Meg Benke
  • The Planning and Development of RioLearn, Rio Salado’s New Online Learning System
    Carol Scarafiotti
  • Toward a Universal Learning Environment: A Vignette from the Future
    David Porush
  • Virtual Reality Worlds: Not Just Chat on Steriods?
    David Cillay
  • Is There a Tipping Point for Online Learning?
    Claudine SchWeber
  • Asynchronous Learning Networks and Organizational Change
    Janet K. Poley
  • Online Learning as a Social Innovation: Lessons from the Past
    Murray Turoff
  • The Sloan Consortium: Filling the National Policy Vacuum in Online Learning
    Bruce N. Chaloux